Cooperís Closet

Adult & Childrenís Consignment Sale & Marketplace






Do I have to use the online item entry system?† Yes.† It is required that you use the online system.† It is quick and easy and protects your items.† The online system allows you to track the sale of your items, it allows us to print your check immediately, and it saves time and prevents errors when shoppers check out.†


Is there a limit to how many items I can consign?† Yes. We limit each consignor to 250 items.


Will you take all of my items?† Please do not be offended if we turn away some of your items.† We inspect all items very closely to make sure that we are selling only the best quality items.† We understand that it is easy to overlook a stain or tear when you are preparing your items at home.† If you have questions about what we accept and donít accept, click HERE to see a list of accepted items or contact us.


What size clothing do you accept?† Girls and boys size preemie to 16 for the Childrenís sale. All sizes for the adult sale. We accept maternity and junior sizes at the Adult sale ONLY.


How much does it cost to consign with you?† The consignor fee is $20 per event and can be paid by cash or check at your drop off appointment. If you are doing both the Childrenís and the Adultís sale, that will be $40 total.


What percentage of my sales do I get to keep?† Consignors keep 70% of their sales.† Consignors can earn up to 85% of their sales by participating in our referral program.


What happens if I donít pick up my unsold items?† Items that are not picked up at the designated time will be donated (no exceptions).† If you cannot pick up your items at this time, please make arrangements for someone else to pick them up for you (they must have a signed letter from you to do so).† Please understand that we are not responsible for items left behind.


Do you guarantee my items?† We do not guarantee your items against theft and loss, however, we make every reasonable effort to prevent any loss.† Upon pick up, you may file a missing item report if necessary and we will do everything we can to locate your item.


Can I use my tags from previous seasons for this sale?† Yes.† If you do not wish to change any of the information on the tag (price, description, etc), you can use tags from previous seasons for this sale.† You will need to transfer your items to your active inventory (see the Register & Enter Items page for more information).†

How can I attend one of the private pre-sales?† Our private pre-sales are for our volunteers, consignors, and new moms/moms to be.† Please click HERE to find out how to become a volunteer.† Please click HERE to find out how to become a consignor.† Please click HERE to find out how to register as a new mom/mom to be.


What forms of payment do you accept?† For consignor fees, we accept cash or check.† For customers shopping during our sale, we accept cash, Visa, Mastercard and Discover.† Please note that we will no longer accept checks during our sale.