Cooperís Closet

Semi-Annual Childrenís Consignment Sale & Marketplace




As babies and children grow, we are often left with closets full of stuff that we may never use again.† Cooperís Closet offers the perfect solution!† You can clean out your closets and make money too!† Consignors keep up to 85% of their sales (click here for details)!† All consignors who bring at least 15 accepted items will be invited to attend our private consignor pre-sale!†


Consigning with us is easy!† Just follow these four easy steps:


Step 1






Step 2:






*The deadline to enter items is Friday, February 21 at 11:59pm*


Step 3:






Step 4:







Thatís all there is to it!† Simply bring your items to your scheduled drop off appointment, then pick up your check after the sale!


Donít forget to enjoy shopping at the consignor presale!† Want to shop even earlier or have your consignor fee waived?† See the Volunteer page for details on how you can!


You can even watch your sales throughout the event!† Your sales will be updated each night during the week of the sale.† To watch your sales, click here: