Cooper’s Closet

Semi-Annual Children’s Consignment Sale & Marketplace





Pricing Tips:


Infant and Children’s Clothing:

Name brand clothes: 20-50% of retail, depending on the brand & item condition.

Boutique clothes: 30-60% of retail.


Children’s Shoes: 20-30% of retail.


Furniture, Equipment, Car Seats, & Toys: These items sell well.  40-60% of retail, depending on condition and current popularity.


Books, DVDs, Games, and CDs: Price competitively.


Group small, low dollar items together.  Put in a ziplock bag along with the tag.


*Please note: These are just suggestions and guidelines.  When pricing items, it is good to ask yourself “what would I pay for this item?”


If you have questions about pricing a specific item, please do not hesitate to contact us.