Cooper’s Closet

Semi-Annual Children’s Consignment Sale & Marketplace



How to prepare items:


Step 1: Make sure your items meet our Accepted Items guidelines.  Click here to learn more:






Step 2: Prepare your clothing items by washing and ironing them.  Clothing that smells like smoke or has a musty smell from being stored will not be accepted.  Replace the batteries in any items that require batteries.  Wipe down any dirty items.  Please remember that dirty or wrinkled items will not be accepted.  The better your item looks, the better chance you have of it selling.


Step 3: Hang all of your clothing items on appropriately sized hangers.  Make sure that the hanger forms a question mark when you are looking at the front of the clothing item (the hanger loop should point to the left).  For pants, please attach them to the hanger with two safety pins or use pant hangers.  For two piece sets, please hang the shirt from the hanger and attach the pants using safety pins to the bottom bar of the hanger. 













Step 4: For items with small pieces, please put the pieces in a ziplock bag and securely attach it to the item with tape or a safety pin (NO straight pins).  Please write your consignor number and what item the parts belong to on the bag so that if the bag gets separated from the item, it can easily be matched back up. 


Step 5: For shoes, please place them in a ziplock bag, with the tag inside the bag.  Then punch a hole near the top of the bag and hang it on a hanger (the hanger loop should point to the left).


Step 6: For items such as blankets, bibs, burp clothes, hats, socks, etc, please place the item in a ziplock bag, with the tag inside the bag. 


You are now ready to register and enter your items: