Cooper’s Closet

Adult & Children’s Consignment Sale & Marketplace



Fall 2024 Sales



Columbus Fairgrounds

764 Highway 69 S, Columbus, MS

**Put “Columbus Fairgrounds” in your GPS, not address**



Drop Off:

  Children’s Event               Adult’s Event   .  

Sun, Sept 8 1pm-4:30pm          Sun, Oct 13 1pm-4:30pm

Mon, Sept 9 9am-6pm               Mon, Oct 14 9am-6pm

Tues, Sept 10 9am-6pm             Tues, Oct 15 9am-6pm


Private Pre-Sales:

Wednesday, Sept 11              Wednesday, Oct 16

Super Volunteer Pre-Sale 11am-6pm

Volunteer Pre-Sale 12pm-6pm

Consignor Pre-Sale 1pm-6pm

New Mom/Mom-to-Be Pre-Sale 4pm-6pm*

*Children’s Event Only

(Be sure to bring your pass with you!)


Public Sale:

Thurs, Sept 12 10am-6pm         Thurs, Oct 17 10am-6pm

Fri, Sept 13 10am-6pm              Fri, Oct 18 10am-6pm


25% off Sale:

Sat, September 14                    Sat, October 19 

9am-3pm                               9am-3pm


50% off Sale:

Sun, Sept 15 1pm-5pm               Sun, Oct 20 1pm-5pm

Mon, Sept 16 9am-1pm              Mon, Oct 21 9am-1pm


Pick Up Unsold Items:

Thursday, September 19          Thursday, October 24

 4pm-6pm                                      4pm-6pm


Sack It Sale:

Thursday, September 19          Thursday, October 24

6:30pm-7:00pm                           6:30pm-7:00pm