Cooperís Closet

Semi-Annual Childrenís Consignment Sale & Marketplace




Sack It Sale:


At the completion of the sale and item pick up,

we will re-open our doors for 30 minutes only.† During this time, any remaining items will be put back out on the racks for you to shop.† When you are finished shopping, you will bring your items to the checkout counter.† We will stuff your items into sacks, then count your total number of sacks.† You will be charged $10 per sack that you fill.† Items that are too large to fit into a sack† (such as toys, baby equipment, furniture, etc.) will be sold at 75% off. The bargains donít stop just because the sale has ended!


Money collected during the Sack It Sale goes towards donations as well. We usually have such a large number of items to donate to the local missions group we partner with, that this provides another way to give along with the donated items they get, and it helps make the donated item amount more manageable.